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The city of Pinar del Rio is the capital of the province of the same name. It is located approximately in the south central part of the western section of the island. Pinar del Rio has a surface of 691120 kilometers and it is the 9th largest territory in extension on the island. The city borders to the north with Viñales and Minas de Matahambre, to the south with the Batabano Gulf to the east with the Consolación del Sur and west with San Luis and San Juan y Martinez. Only 174 kilometers separate Pinar del Rio from Havana.
The city was named Nueva Filipina until 1774 when it was rename as Pinar del Rio due to the pines that grow along the Guamá River. It was given the title of city on September 10th, 1867.
Currently it has some 150 000 inhabitants and is distinguished by its cultural and diverse heritage values. Its historic centre has an eclectic architecture and whose porches seem to form an unlimited gallery. It is the land where best world known tobacco leaf is grown.
Main attraction in Pinar del Rio are the Guayabita del Pinar factory, rum with a very old recipe and which is produced with the old tradition. You can also visit the Guash Palace, Milanes Theater, Antonio Guiteras Museum, the Arturo Regueiro Gallery and the Rumayor Cabaret among other cultural and recreational institutions.
The city also has the Cigar Museum where visitors can share the experience of watching the elaboration of a cigar due to its proximity to 30 cigar factories where a worker reads the country’s newspaper to educate and entertain the cigar rollers. This factory produces 5 brands of cigars reserved mainly for national consumption.

Attractions: •Antonio Guiteras Museum. •Arturo Regueiro Gallery. •Provincial Music Center. •Provincial Book and Literature Center. •Ernesto Lecuona Lyric Theater Company. •House of the Young Creator. •Ramon Gonzalez Coro Library. •Pedro Pablo Oliva Workshop House. •Provincial History Archive. •San Diego de Alcalá Church. •San Rosendo Cathedral. •Cuba´s Western Baptist Church. •Jose Jacinto Milanes Theater. •Rum House.•Visual Arts Provincial Center. •La Milagrosa Church. •Our Lady of La Candelaria Parrish.•Cuban Cultural Center. •Pedro Junco Cultural House.•Natural Sciences Museum. •Provincial History Museum. •Hermanos Loynaz Provincial Center.•Trova House.
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